Ear Infections that keep coming back…

Seeing your child get ear infections with every cold is just tough. And then there is antibiotics… You hope they work, but sometimes they don’t. And then the ear infection does not clear out and a child is given a new stronger antibiotic. How frustrating. In addition to the pain, ear infections cause temporary hearing loss. So the chances are if your child has chronic ear infections, his/her learning is impaired due to hearing loss. Often children do not know how to verbalize their difficulty hearing and parents go completely unaware of it. I knew a boy, who was retained in school as a result of his hearing loss due to ear infection.

The thing is, kids who suffer chronic ear infections, will outgrow them, but there are some things that we as parents can do to reduce frequency of ear infections.

1. Research has shown that ear infections can be due to food allergies.

2. Nutritional deficiency, be it lack of vitamin A, iron, or zinc, or eating food that support inflammations.

3. Using Saline Drops as soon as the cold starts, which is basically salt water to help fluid pass.

Here is a great link for some more information on ear infections and remedies…



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