Bridget’s Beret – by Tom Lichtenheld

After reading “What Are You So Grumpy About”, we went to our local library to look up more books from Tom Lichtenheld, and so, we got “Bridget’s Beret”. It is one of the best feelings for kids when they discover an author who made multiple books that are both funny and great reads. Bridget is an artist who liked drawing more than she liked ice cream, but before she would draw anything she would put on her beret just so … because it needed certain je ne sais quio. Unfortunately, one day the wind blows Bridget’s beret away and she looses her drawing power… This book has wonderful illustrations that tell their own clever story. Bridget will make your students and kids laugh and relate to her frustrations… It’s a beautiful story. For ages 4-9.

Happy Reading!

Kids Read


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