Gifted in our schools…

“For a really bright kid, it would be pretty difficult” to find much challenge in a regular classroom, said Nicholas Colangelo, director of the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa.  How true. If you have ever seen gifted kids in the classroom you must have recognized their frustration with the classwork, which they often find repetitious and boring. They also have a hard time understanding why their friends have a hard time mastering what to them is basic work.

But, more troubling than boredom is the fact that most teachers refuse to believe in giftedness of their students. This is even true for teachers with masters degrees in education. I have too often heard,”Every parent thinks that their child is super smart.” Well, I hope that is the fact, and yes every child is smart, but there are some kids who are not only very good at one thing or a couple of things, they are very good at many things and they show extraordinary ability to learn and grasp difficult concepts. Denying them their needs as gifted just because “every parent things their child is super smart” is simply wrong,and it goes against everything that we have learned in the recent learning, education, and brain studies.

Another fact is that if you tell most teachers that there is a gifted child in their classroom who needs more challenging work and is ready for more learning, they will send the child home with more of the same worksheets that they give out. Well that just does nothing for the gifted child. And parents and children are left to wonder where to turn next…


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