Why Do Finland Schools Get the Best Results?

The latest international comparisons found that Finland had the most successful educational system. A system in which students spend the least amount of time in the classroom as compared to other industralized countries, yet achieve the best academic results. The reson for Finish success is multifaced and based in common sense approach to life and learning.

First they try to make children comfortable at school. They walk around without their shoes and call their teachers by their first name. Students get additional help and instruction whenever needed and there is no grouping ( as it’s a common practice in North American schools).

Another important component is all teachers have master degrees. Finland definitely seems to have an ideal educational world. In the US even the most prestigious K-12 prep schools do not have staff of such quality.

And finally, their education system is not political. This seems to be so common sense. Hire qualified teachers and let them do their job. In the US curriculum is constantly changed depending on the latest educational reform. And the most absurd thing is that the changes in our education is guided by people who are not educators, which in every other industrialized country would make them unqualified to make educational changes.

Anyhow, there is a lot to learn from Finland. We can have a more successful and cost efficient educational system if we would look at examples that have shown success.

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