Vaccine Safety- New Court Ruling

Court Rules Vaccines Not to Blame for Autism – 

What Does It Mean to an American Parent?

As an American Parent, I see CNN and New York Times Headlines as a major manipulation. Making headlines that state “Vaccines Not To Blame for Autism” and “Vaccines Did Not Cause Autism” makes the questions on link between Autism and Vaccines so final. Now, the Medical Community hopes, parents can stop asking questions about vaccine safety. They probably hope that we will only read the headline and take their word for it. 

The bottom line is vaccines are necessary but they are not safe. They can cause major side effect and impact your child’s health for life. Vaccines contain cancer causing agents, aborted fetus, monkey kidneys, and who knows what else.

Instead being on the defensive, the Health Department and the Medical Community should invest their energy and resources into providing our children with SAFE CHILDHOOD VACCINES and finding a way to pre-screen all infants before administering vaccines to prevent possible allergic reactions and detrimental side effects. 

There is a way to provide safe vaccines for American children. There is a way that all sides can come together and work toward a common goal of keeping our children healthy. 


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